A portrait of Maureen, sitting 3/4 leaned towards the camera, smiling slightly

From an early age, I was fascinated by inventions and gadgets that make life easier and more beautiful. I had a sketchpad where I'd draw all kinds of inventions like noise-cancelling wallpaper, lollipop pencils that would help you concentrate and non-breaking flower vases.
I dreamed that one day, I would become an inventor.

Today I'm working as a product designer, which is the closest I can get to being an inventor.

I strongly believe that good design is proven design. That's why my work is research-based, hypothesis-driven and validated through testing. Products and services reach their full potential when both business objectives as well as customer needs are satisfied.

What I do

Value Proposition Design

Making sure your products and services are centered around customer needs and values.
Skills: Value Proposition Canvas

Workshops & Design Sprints

Combining Design Thinking with Design Sprint methods to generate great ideas, fast.
Skills: Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Workshop Facilitation

Product Design

User Research, Concept, Prototyping, Handover to development - I support good design throughout the whole product cycle.
Skills: User Research, User Interviews, User flows, Concept, Prototyping, User Testing, User Stories, Agile frameworks
Tools: Figma, Sketch, Marvel, Invision, Protopie, JIRA

Content Creation

I share no fluff, no fuzz UX-content on Instagram to help junior designers and UX-newbies navigate the challenges of a careerswitch.

Join 10k+ designers on UX.collection

A close-knit community build from scratch.
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I created a UX Design wiki

Over the years I collected all helpful articles and resources in a Notion-wiki.
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Sometimes I write about design

Read the article series I wrote for DAYONE on how mindset, framework and methodology drive customer experience excellence.
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